Monday, October 11, 2010

Hu'o'ng Vietnamese Restaurant


Oh Oh Oh! Our pho quest has ended! This is about to become the most boring blog ever, because WE FOUND THE BEST PHO ON THE PLANET! I am so serious. I was talking about coming back before I even finished my first bite. Fortunately, now that I am moving to Jersey/Philly I will have a new adventure of a "Philly Pho Quest", because the search is over for Columbus!

So, for all of my 4 followers, I mean 3 followers out there, I just want you to know that this place is absolutely HEAVENLY! Liss had the beef - WONDERFUL! Ryan and I both had chicken - FABULOUS! And THEN.... We saw something on someones table. And we asked what it was. It's actually called "Bun Heo Hay Bo Nuong Cha Gio", aka, number 15. Get the number 15! It is flipping the yummiest food ever. There is lettuce and cukes and carrots and vietnamese cabbage all looking pretty like a fancy french-fry, with noodles on top, then beef, and some sort of peanuty topping, with crushed egg rolls to finish it off. We shared it of course, and STILL had leftovers. Everything was served in HUGE bowls, with fresh garnishes and excellent service! This was redeeming pho for Ryan by the way. He had some really bad pho the first time he ever tried it, so if this hadn't been spectacular, he probably would have never eaten it again.

Prices were: $6.65 for the chicken (Pho Ga) and 7.65 for the beef (Pho Bo), three completely yummy egg rolls for $2.95, and that completely wonderful concoction called #15 cost $9. It was worth every penny! Houng's is the only place where I will take anyone to try Pho for the first time. I am taking my husband there. I am taking my daughter Jen there. I am taking my adopted daughters Ashley and Amanda there. I am taking my friends Barb and Lori there. Anyone else want to come?

Here's their blogspot:

Overall Grade: FIVE STARS, A+, Can't get better than this!

Fortune Cookie: "You are talented with your hands"

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